Reg : How to contribute

Lance J. Andersen Lance.Andersen at Sun.COM
Thu Jul 16 21:23:38 UTC 2009

Jean-Christophe Collet wrote:
> Lance J. Andersen wrote:
>> Jessie,
>> This looks promising.  Are you looking also to have this as a plugin 
>> to Netbeans and Eclipse as that would make this even more useful?
> I've thought about it. But I wanted to have something as lightweight 
> as possible AND I don't know anything about NetBeans or Eclipse 
> plugins :-)

Thanks for the info in the previous email.  I thought the webrev was 
java based but figured i should sanity check to make sure you :-)

Having a plugin would be great, especially for Netbean with its support 
for Project Keani in the latest release.  I am sure this would be very 
popular.  I have only poked at netbeans plugins myself.  But that can be 
phase two of the project...

I look forward to giving your new tool a try.

Again thanks for the feedback.  It is a little late in your part of the 
world isn't it? :-)
>> Regards
>> lance
>> Jean-Christophe Collet wrote:
>>> Sure.
>>> I'm putting the final touches to a tool I call jHg
>>> It's a simple mercurial front end and a webrev generator. All 
>>> written in Java.
>>> It has a GUI as well a command line interface.
>>> With it you can easily:
>>> - browse through the history of any mercurial workspace and of any 
>>> file in the workspace
>>> - search the history
>>> - view the details of any changeset or group of changesets
>>> - view the details of the current status
>>> - Commit, Push, Pull, Update or Revert changes.
>>> - Generate a webrev of any set of changes. Upload it to 
>>> and/or preview the webrev in the browser.
>>> I've attached a couple of simple screenshots.
>>> Right now the tool is being tested internally and I'm fixing the 
>>> last kinks. Hopefully I'll make it available to the community very 
>>> soon.

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