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Martin Buchholz martinrb at
Fri Jul 17 01:49:30 UTC 2009

The webrev script was developed by Sun developers for use on Solaris.
Use on Windows is unsupported.
You are not likely to find much support on this mailing list for
doing jdk development on windows, and especially not using
Microsoft "Windows Services for UNIX".
Sun engineers use Cygwin or MKS for creating a Unixoid
environment on Windows (but's it's still painful).


On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 18:23, Ulf Zibis <Ulf.Zibis at> wrote:

> Am 16.07.2009 15:57, Andrew John Hughes schrieb:
>> I think configuring the PATH on Windows is a little outside the scope
>> of this mailing list and there are plenty of sources for such
>> information elsewhere.
> Maybe you are right.
> But my question is not, how to set a path on Windows, it's how the webrev
> script interoperates with paths, defined on Windows.
> I have set the path to to the 'hg.exe' on Windows, but webrev script
> doesn't find it.
> I've also posted my question to the Microsoft "Windows Services for UNIX"
> forum, but I'm afraid, that people there don't know how to interpret
> webrev's error message.
> So where to find people developing inside JDK under Windows (additionally
> having knowledge about webrev script)?
> Sorry, being inconvenient here,
> -Ulf
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