Review request for 6810254

David Holmes - Sun Microsystems David.Holmes at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 5 22:06:08 UTC 2009

Hi Mandy,

Note that my main concern is the use of reflection. If the class 
involved has not previously had it's reflection objects initialized then 
getDeclaredMethod can lead to a lot of native and Java-level allocation 
(I'm assuming this hasn't changed a great deal from the Java 5 code).

Even if there is memory to be allocated this might induce some GC churn 
in a new and unexpected place.

Maybe the lazy-initialization holder class pattern can be used instead eg:

      static {
           // setup access to this package in SharedSecrets


      static class SharedSecretsHelper {
         static {
           // setup access to this package in SharedSecrets

and setSharedSecret(Class<?> cls) does:

   Class.forName(cls.getName() + "$SharedSecretsHelper");


Leave it with you ...


Mandy Chung said the following on 03/06/09 07:18:
> On 03/05/09 04:18, David Holmes - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> Hi Mandy,
>> Isn't this kind of change risky? With static initialization you know 
>> that once the VM gets up and running then everything is in place. But 
>> with lazy-initialization (and using reflection no less!) there's a 
>> danger that when you try to initialize you're more likely to fail due 
>> to lack of memory or resources.  
> That's a good point. I change the getSystemShutdownHooks() method to 
> return a preallocated array.  The initialization of the hooks themselves 
>  are not changed by this fix.  However, if the application shutdown hook 
> adds the first file to be deleted on exit, the lazy initialization may 
> cause some trouble.  I'll look into it and send out a new webrev.
> I ran the jtreg tests and I am going to run the JCK tests to make sure 
> no regression.
>> I can't quite tell exactly when these setSharedSecret methods will be 
>> called.
> When SharedSecrets.getJava*Access() method is called, it will 
> SharedSecrets.setSharedSecret() which in turn calls 
> <cls>.setSharedSecret() method of the given cls.
>> BTW I think the comments copied into 
>> src/share/classes/java/io/ need to be reviewed - 
>> they made sense when the code was, but not now :)
> Ok.
> Thanks
> Mandy
>> Cheers,
>> David
>> Mandy Chung said the following on 03/05/09 17:01:
>>> 6810254: Lazily instantiate the shared secret access objects
>>> Webrev at:
>>> sun.misc.Java*Access objects are created at initialization time.  
>>> However, they are not always needed.  They can be instantiated lazily 
>>> when needed.  The fix is to add a static setSharedSecret() method to 
>>> be called by sun.misc.SharedSecrets via reflection when the shared 
>>> secret access object is requested.
>>> Thanks
>>> Mandy

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