RFE 4519026: (process) Process should support Unicode on Win NT, request for review

Heiko Wagner heiko.wagner at apis.de
Fri Mar 20 10:33:38 UTC 2009

Thanks for your reply. I have updated both the source file and the diff
file. (URL see in previous post below)
I have made the following changes:

- replace C++ style comments with plain C style comments
- replace tabs with spaces in source (maybe using VC 2008 as editor in the
first place was no good idea ;-))
- remove function releaseStringCopy and call free() directly
- fix the types you suggested "path.md.c => path_md.c" and "*(res + len) =
0; => res[len] =  L'\0';"

I have tried to set up jtreg and run the regression tests. Somehow, I still
haven't managed to get all things
working. Some tests in ProcessBuilder/Basic.java fail, because the exit code
of the invocation of the java child
is 6 insted of 0. I am still working on that issue.

P.S.: Is there any kind of guide line how to write the comments, so I can
fix them as well?

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Sorry for the delayed response.  I've been busy.
(Probably I should not have volunteered for this review.)

Heiko, thanks for the patch.

JDK engineers (Xueming, Alan?) will need to help
with testing, architectural issues, and shepherding.
I no longer use windows.

I approve of the general approach being taken here.
We need a general purpose version of JVM_NativePath,
as you have coded it up, but it needs to go into some shared location
for use by other JDK native code - not sure quite where that would be.
I guess until we have another client for it, living
in ProcessImpl_md.c is not so bad.

Make sure you run the java.lang regression tests, especially

There's a fair bit of cleanup that will be required.
Use of white space and commenting style are non-standard
and will need to be fixed (even if you've copied them
from other parts of the JDK)

I think the spec for free() guarantees that free(null) is a no-op,
and the JDK already relies on this, so no need for


path.md.c => path_md.c

*(res + len) = 0; => res[len] =  L'\0';


On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 02:57, Heiko Wagner <heiko.wagner at apis.de> wrote:
> This is related to my previous post at
> ml and my first contribution to the JDK7 project. As Martin suggested, I
> have worked on a wide char version of ProcessImpl_md.c. For discussion of
> proposed chages a copy of my source can be found at:
> http://www.apis.de/pub/jdk7/ProcessImpl_md.c
> and a diff at:
> http://www.apis.de/pub/jdk7/ProcessImpl_md.c.diff
> This patch enables launching executables residing on a path containing
> non-ansi characters. My next goal is to get the java launcher working on a
> unicode path. I think this needs additional coordination with the hotspot
> team, since some of the code in os.cpp also has issues in a unicode path
> when loading verify.dll and java.dll.
> Regards
> Heiko

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