Setup Netbeans project - Please help!

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Sun Mar 22 08:10:56 UTC 2009

Hi Alan,

I've opened the JConsole project from JDK7 b51 sources and ran into some errors. See attachment.

Can you give me some hints?

When I set .openjdk\ to:
the compile warning disappears, but the errors in editor remain.

I think, JConsole project would be a good "template" to create my own "nio-charset" project.

Additionally, I don't see how to connect to the Mercurial repository. There is no "Mercurial" menu 
item on projects node, although there are plenty .hg* files in the project..
 From Subversion I'm used to have "Subversion" menu item automatically if the .svn folders are 
present in project.


Am 20.03.2009 23:22, Alan Bateman schrieb:
> Ulf Zibis wrote:
>> :
>> Alan, yes, I'm considering this. I regularly observe the regarding 
>> changes from jdk6 to jdk7, to be up to date.
>> The approach consumes little more memory for encoder 
>> maps than legacy jdk6 SingleByteDecoder, so my approach only consumes 
>> 20 % against this. Disk-footprint of approach is 25 % 
>> against the legacy JDK 6 implementation, but initializing the b2c 
>> char[] needs copying the internal char[] from String constant and 
>> then throwing it to GC.
>> In my current project, I only build a patch-jar using NetBeans 6.5, 
>> which I preload via -Xbootclasspath to test it using JUnit 4.5.
>> This works fine on my system, after I've solved some tricky problems 
>> (using same JDK version for running my code + running NetBeans didn't 
>> work)
>> Creating changesets against JDK7, I think, It's a must to also 
>> provide working MAKE + TEST stuff.
>> So (1.) I should install a jdk build environment on my computer, but 
>> I hesitated until now because of:
>> - I only have 60 GB disk 1.5 GB ram 2 GHz single core mobile computer 
>> for all my work including private stuff. Does that smoothly work ?
> Yes, it's possible to build with this spec. The only thing is you are 
> on Windows and this is much harder to setup for the build when 
> compared to Linux or Solaris.
>> - I only have MS VS 6 enterprise, but MS VS 2008 is required to build 
>> JDK7. Is there any chance without that, if I don't touch native code ?
> Currently we use VC7 (Visual Studio .NET 2003) but are in transition. 
> I think the jdk repository will build with the express (free) 
> compilers but I'll need to check on the status of that. For what you 
> are doing it may be that you don't care about native code so running 
> with patches that are prepended to the bootclasspath is okay.
> -Alan.

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