RFE 4519026: (process) Process should support Unicode on Win NT, request for review

Heiko Wagner heiko.wagner at apis.de
Wed Mar 25 09:22:54 UTC 2009

Hi Martin,

I have updated http://www.apis.de/pub/jdk7/ProcessImpl_md.c and


- fix block comment style
- remove note about Win95, since minumum system requirement is Win2000
- replace comment "selected based on exe type" with "creation flags"

I have also been thinking about adding tests to ProcessBuilder/Basic.java.
My suggestion would be to start from the version Alan made, to get the
environment issue working. I would like to stick with your test pattern of
starting a java process in the test. To show that we are now using
CreateProcessW, I would start a java with Runtime.getRuntime().exec()
having its working dir set to a, previously created, directory containing
unicode characters and do a "pwd" operation in the java child.

Although it is also possible to have the actual exe reside on a unicode path
and pass unicode command line args, currently it is not possible to use this
test pattern, as it needs additional modifications to the java launcher and
java vm. What would you suggest to test this features, until we have a fully
unicode aware version of java.exe?

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Thanks for your continuing work on this.

ProcessBuilder/Basic.java has most of the tests related to
subprocesses.  I can't explain a return code of 6,
since the test uses 5, 7, and 8.

ProcessBuilder has a lot of infrastructure to help you write
a test in this area, but it can be intimidating to newcomers
(i.e. anyone but myself).

The JDK C code is quite inconsistent, but please use the style

 * comments
 * here

for block comments, and /* inline comments */ like this.

You need to remove the comment
 /* selected based on exe type */
which is no longer correct.

If you fix the style things, and get the tests to pass,
and add a test for what you're actually trying to fix,
I am ready to approve the change.


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