Tom Rodriguez Thomas.Rodriguez at Sun.COM
Thu Mar 26 18:01:19 UTC 2009

> I would just remove the trancendental c implementation. It is not  
> consistent
> with the java one anyway on amd64:

You've got that backwards.  The C implementation is actually the  
correct result as far as the spec goes and it's what is used by  
StrictMath.log.  Math.log is allowed to produce less strict results  
but it's always correct to use the same implementation as  

> It's been 2 years that this is has been open. I don't understand how  
> come
> nobody else has hit this. My only guess is that people don't compare  
> results
> from successive runs.

This is actually a bug in hotspot.  The interpreter is using the C  
implementation and compiled code is using the log instructions on x86  
but the interpreter and compiler are required to use the same  
implementation so that Math.log is self consistent.  The amd64  
interpreter has the code to use the x86 instruction but some code in  
AbstractInterpreterGenerator::generate_method_entry keep it from  
getting used.  Anyway, I've refiled this into hotspot and it should be  
fixed in an upcoming hotspot.


> christos

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