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I would like to inform you about an older comunication with Ray Gans. 
See below ...

Am 29.03.2009 20:27, Martin Buchholz schrieb:
>> Aren't "Contributed-by" and "author" comments usual practice in open source
>> products?
>> Even in Sun's JRL source author was mentioned. I think, the lawyer guys and
>> girls from Sun should rethink that subject.
>> Ok, we will see ...
> The problem is more human.  One would like to give credit for good ideas
> or good analysis, but the only official way to give credit in a commit
> message is
> via a simple
> Contributed-by: email-address
> which raises legal doubts even when there is no copyrighted material.
> I guess one can abuse the Summary: field to squeeze in thank-yous,
> but it's pretty obvious that you are circumventing the process.
> Martin

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
Betreff: 	Re: JDK contributions, JavaOne, and you!
Datum: 	Sat, 13 May 2006 22:50:58 -0700
Von: 	Ray Gans <Ray.Gans at Sun.COM>
An: 	Ulf Zibis <Ulf.Zibis at>
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On May 13, 2006, at 12:25 PM, Ulf Zibis wrote:

> I agree to the terms of this form
> Regards
> Ulf Zibis
>> --- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ---
>> Von: Ray Gans <Ray.Gans at Sun.COM>
>> An: Ulf.Zibis at
>> Betreff: JDK contributions, JavaOne, and you!
>> Datum: Wed, 10 May 2006 22:58:40 -0700
>> Hi Ulf,
>> Thank you for contributing to Mustang and being part of the JDK
>> Community. It's been a good year for Java SE and a lot has happened.
>> We're preparing for JavaOne now and I have a few things I'd like to
>> ask you:
>> 1) First of all, we made a mistake on our JDK code contribution form
>> and forgot to ask permission to use the names of people who provide
>> fixes that get included in Mustang. We want to list them (names only)
>> in our release notes, on the Mustang project web pages, and in public
>> presentations like at JavaOne. To be clear, names will only be used
>> to identify people who made code contributions that were accepted
>> into a JDK release -- nothing else.
>> --> Does Sun have your permission to do this?
>> If you would prefer to be recognized under a different name, please
>> let me know that too.
>> 2) We also want to honor people like you at JavaOne next week who
>> have been involved with Mustang and the JDK Community. For example,
>> one thing we'd like to do is to provide a running slideshow of
>> pictures of people at JavaOne who have been active in the JDK
>> Community. If you want to be featured there (and possibly at some of
>> the talks), please send me a hi-res digital picture of yourself
>> (headshot -- shoulders and above would be best, but not essential)
>> and a short bio describing where you live and your interests in Java.
>> Again this material will -only- be used to feature you as a person
>> who has been active in the JDK Community as a code contributor. I
>> need this immediately to use it -- the request just came in today,so
>> I apologize for the rush.
>> --> To satisfy our legal folks, I have attached a release form that
>> explains how we'll use these materials. No need to sign it, just
>> reply to this e-mail with the form, your picture and bio attached,
>> and the words "I agree to the terms of this form."
>> 3) Lastly, please let me know if you're coming to JavaOne. If so,
>> don't forget to stop by the JDK Community booth in the JavaOne
>> Pavilion so Sun's JDK Community team can meet you. We'll be hosting a
>> JDK Community BOF (BOF-0178) on Wednesday night at 10:30 in Moscone
>> to discuss what's happened in the community this last year and listen
>> to what we should do moving forward. It would be great if you could
>> attend and let us know your thoughts and experiences with Mustang and
>> the JDK Community.
>> If you are attending JavaOne, I also want to make sure you know about
>> the JDK Community party we're having at the Argent Hotel at 8:30 on
>> Tuesday the 16th. There will be good food and drink there for you to
>> enjoy as well as opportunities to talk with the JDK team.
>> For more info about the JDK Community at JavaOne, please click the
>> JavaOne button here:
>> Thanks again for your contributions to Mustang. Your passion and
>> dedication to the Java platform is making a real difference!
>> Best regards,
>> Ray Gans
>> Program Manager
>> JDK Community

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