Review request for 5049299

Michael McMahon Michael.McMahon at Sun.COM
Fri May 22 16:29:38 UTC 2009

David Holmes - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> > But the implementation in processhelper, does not know about JNI, so
> > it ignores the env
> and doesn't throw the exception, which then begs the question as to 
> what happens if malloc returns NULL in that case? If I understand you 
> right, the jlup_* functions called from processhelper will use its 
> jlup_xmalloc function, which simply returns malloc - but those jlup_* 
> functions don't check for a NULL return because they "know" that 
> xmalloc throws on out-of-memory.
Right. It's only called in a couple of places, so that should be easy 
enough to fix
(check for null return)


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