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On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 1:38 PM, Stephen Colebourne <scolebourne at>wrote:

Unfortunately, the null-handling behaviour of the static method is
> considered a feature to many

That is unfortunate.  <evil grin>  Luckily any new JDK methods would not
have to carry forward the null-tolerant approach. :-)

By the way, one advantage of a Strings class is that it could contain a new
> implementation of split - one that doesn't use regex and isn't as
> complex/useless as the current one on String.

Different splitting use cases want to specify the delimiter as any of a
regex, a literal String, a literal char, or what we (Guava) call a
"CharMatcher".  One way to support all these is to just support regex, as
any of the rest of these can be coerced into a regex; this is what
String.split() does.  Another way is to just outright support them all, as
Guava's Splitter does:

It also supports splitting into fixed-width segments, which -- well, I guess
that can be coerced into a regex too, just a really frickin' weird one.
Splitter has a few other optional behaviors that users depend on.  The point
of all this is that doing splitting well is going to take more than just a
few static methods in a utility class.  By and large, we've found this to be
the case with nearly everything (but not everything) we first thought of as
a StringUtil method.

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