6888701 - Change all template java source files to a .java-template file suffix

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at gmx.de
Mon Nov 9 20:21:37 UTC 2009

Am 09.11.2009 20:12, Kelly O'Hair schrieb:
> Ulf Zibis wrote:
>> IMO you should add jdk/make/tools/CharsetMapping/*.java to the fix of 
>> Bug 6888701.
> Perhaps...  I was mainly after fixing the naming convention in the src/
> directory, and I somehow missed these files in the make/tools area.
> The files in jdk/make/tools/GenerateCharacter follow the convention that
> I adopted, I completely missed these other files.
> I think they may have been added after I started my work in this area.
>> Additionally, I don't understand, why there is differing strategy for 
>> location of templates. E.g. jdk/make/tools/CharsetMapping/*.java 
>> files could be in jdk/src/share/classes/sun/nio/cs/.
> Different developers, different times.

Sherman, I think jdk/make/tools/CharsetMapping/*.java files should be in 


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