What methods should go into a java.util.Objects class in JDK 7?

David Holmes - Sun Microsystems David.Holmes at Sun.COM
Mon Nov 16 10:32:29 UTC 2009

Stephen Colebourne said the following on 11/16/09 18:44:
> In this specific case, the question was "why include it when you can
> use a?b:c". Well, I've seen resistance by developers to that language
> feature, and I know some places outright block it in coding standards.
> For many, a method call is preferred, and "overhead" isn't what
> matters.

I find such a mentality to programming to be utterly incomprehensible. 
Who are these people? And what motivates them?

I say let these people define their own libraries to support their 
pathologies - don't lumber it on the rest of the general population of 

My 2c. YMMV. ;-)

David Holmes

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