Deprecation policy?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 18 14:06:28 UTC 2009

Neal Gafter wrote:
> I notice that 
> javax.swing.tree.DefaultTreeSelectionModel.notifyPathChange 
> <,%20javax.swing.tree.TreePath%29>has 
> been deprecated "As of JDK version 1.7" with no further explanation in 
> its documentation.  This method had the very strange property in 1.6 
> that the method itself was protected but it had a parameter that 
> mentions (in a generic type argument) a package-private type 
> <,%20javax.swing.tree.TreePath%29>, 
> which would make it hard to use correctly.  Still, isn't it 
> traditional for the deprecation documentation to provide clients with 
> more explanation or assistance?
The bugID seems to be 6387579 with further issues in bugs that are 
linked from there. I don't know why an explanation note wasn't included 
but swing-dev or Peter (cc'ed) will know.


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