Maybe i'm being naive about Threads.

Thomas Hawtin Thomas.Hawtin at Sun.COM
Sun Nov 22 06:56:59 UTC 2009

Rémi Forax wrote:
> Le 21/11/2009 07:48, Paulo Levi a écrit :
>> But i'm wondering why there isn't a global jvm system option for the 
>> new Thread(runnable).start() to perserve stack traces at least until 
>> the start method.

> You don't need the VM for that, something like that should work:
> public class ThreadEx extends Thread {

I believe you can do it non-invasively using (evil) 
InheritableThreadLocal as something like:

     private static final InheritableThreadLocal<StackTraceElement[]>
         stacks = new InheritableThreadLocal<StackTraceElement[]>() {
             @Override StackTraceElement[] childValue(
                 StackTraceElement[] parentValue
             ) {
                 return new Throwable().getStackTrace();

You will need to install into parent threads by calling get.

I have not compiled or tested this code.

Of course, if you are using thread pools (you are, right?) then thread 
creation point is mostly meaningless.

Tom Hawtin

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