Increaed support for Unicode in Java API

Pravin Jain pravin at
Thu Oct 1 13:14:54 UTC 2009

Hello all,
Currently, the JDK API has a very limited support for the Unicode
Mostly what is available is from the Character class's methods like isDigit,
getNumericValue, getCategory, etc.
These properties are supported by building the CharacterData classes from
the UnicodeData.txt files. There are around 89 properties mentioned in the
Unicode database. The UCD contains
information about all the properties.
I wish to start working to build support for these properties, starting with
giving priority to Normative properties.
I have already built a class from the information available from the
UCD.html file to contain
the meta-information related to the various Properties.
I feel we could start by creating a separate package may be something like
which would have the required classes for supporting information about the
unicode properties.
I have also tested a code which could generate enums for the Properties
having values of Enumeration type as mentioned in the UCD.html.
Any one may please let me know as to how I can start contributing for this.
Thanks and regards.
Pravin Jain
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