Review request for 6612680 (Remove classloader dependency on jkernel)

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 6 08:56:54 UTC 2009

Mandy Chung wrote:
> Alan, Rémi,
> Thanks for the review.   The revised webrev is at:
The changes you pushed to jdk7/tl/jdk look fine - thanks for doing the 
clean-ups (and for the explanation for the make/sun/jkernel/Makefile 
change). One other thing I forgot to mention is that 
System.initializeSystemClasses can be restored - as I recall, that was 
hacked to workaround issues encountered with the download manager 
running before the system classes were completely initialized.

Minor comment on thread.cpp is that it might be neater if 
set_jkernel_boot_classloader_hook were:

if (k != NULL) {
  JavaValue result(T_VOID);
  JavaCalls::call_static( ... );

Otherwise, good job!


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