j.u.Objects follow-up: variations on Object -> String methods

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 8 19:12:11 UTC 2009


During the vigorous discussion of what Objects.toString(Object) should 
be defined to do, a number of alternatives were suggested:

public static toString(Object a, String default) // return default if (a 
== null) else a.toString()
public static toDefaultString(Object a) // return the string 
Object.toString returns if not overriden, what about null?
public static toDebugString(Object a) // reflectively return an 
informative representation of the argument

I can accept the utility of toString(Object a, String default) and will 
include it in the next round of j.u.Objects updates.

The functionality of toDefaultString is included in Apache commons under 
the name of "identityToString," returning null for a null argument.  
 From a quick Google code search, this methods doesn't seem to be widely 
called and I'm not yet convinced it's worthwhile to add this method to 

I think I could be convinced that a reflection-based toDebugString was 
useful enough to include in the platform.  However, someone would have 
to contribute the specification and a robust implementation.


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