j.u.Objects follow-up: deepEquals(Object, Object)?

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 9 17:42:19 UTC 2009

Eamonn McManus wrote:
> Joseph D. Darcy wrote:
> > What are scenarios where this method would be used?
> I use a similar method fairly often in unit tests.  JUnit's 
> assertEquals doesn't
> do the right thing if its arguments happen to be arrays, so I use the 
> following
> simple if inefficient implementation:
> static void deepEquals(Object x, Object y) {
>     return Arrays.deepEquals(new Object[] {x}, new Object[] {y});
> }
> What that shows of course is that the messy logic you mention is 
> already present in
> Arrays.deepEquals so you could factor it out.

Yes, the logic inside the for loop in deepEquals could be factored out 
into just the right package-private helper method.

Thanks for the pointer!


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