What methods should go into a java.util.Objects class in JDK 7?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 12 15:40:44 UTC 2009

Ulf Zibis wrote:
> :
> Alan, that's cool, thanks. Hopefully this goes into trunk of JDK 7, (+ 
> write access ?).
> Can you give me direct link of ZipFileSystem.jar + javadoc + sources ?
Just clone the nio/nio repository. There's a README in 
> If I run this example:
>        System.out.println(
> sun.nio.cs.ext.SJIS_0213.class.getResource("sjis0213.dat").toURI());
> I get:
> jar:file:/C:/Programme/Java/jdk1.7.0/fastdebug/jre/lib/charsets.jar!/sun/nio/cs/ext/sjis0213.dat 
> This looks little different from your example (scheme + '!' instead '#').
> Is that covered too by ZipFileSystem.jar ?
The URI syntax is defined by the provider and this demo provider uses 
hierarchical URIs with "zip" as the scheme. It wouldn't hard to wrap 
this provider with another that supports the legacy JAR URL syntax 
(although that syntax worries me in that it uses opaque URIs and will 
likely be a challenge if/when the platform is updated to support RFC 3986).


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