Constants for @SuppressWarnings

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Wed Oct 14 17:42:55 UTC 2009

Question for anyone on the list. What do you think about adding a
limited number of String constants to identify common warning types? I
personally don't like raw string in my code and would prefer to use
constants for them.

I would prefer something like:
@SuppressWarnings(UNCHECKED) // static import from SuppressWarnings

My choices would be:
public static final String ALL = "all";
public static final String FALL_THROUGH = "fallthrough";
public static final String SERIAL = "serial";
public static final String UNCHECKED = "unchecked";

>From what I understand, the warnings are vendor specific, but reality
shows me there's a practical pool of constants already in use. From
the javadoc:
> Compiler vendors should document the warning names they support in
> conjunction with this annotation type. They are encouraged to cooperate
> to ensure that the same names work across multiple compilers.

Would such a patch be considered?


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