b120 changelog empty?

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Sun Dec 5 18:23:52 UTC 2010

On 12/4/10 12:03 AM, assembling signals wrote:
> Hello community!
> http://download.java.net/jdk7/changes/jdk7-b120.html
> The file exists since over one day, but stays empty.

Looks fine to me: 

Changeset 	Bug ID 	Synopsys
f642c9ec81a0 	6277781 	Serialization of Enums over IIOP is broke.
cff5a173ec1e 	6763340 	memory leak in com.sun.corba.se.* classes
6873605 	Missing finishedDispatch() call in ORBImpl causes test failures after 5u20 b04

Changeset 	Bug ID 	Synopsys
5484e7c53fa7 	6997698 	Bump the HS20 build number to 03

Changeset 	Bug ID 	Synopsys
809ec4b6eb88 	6862652 	A number of tests fail for some background Themes configured on Windows7 & Windows 2008R2 in 6u15
f6f2989e547f 	6988428 	Shape is not applied sometimes
9c7c5ecea41a 	6960655 	GTKFileDialogPeer shouldn't be a singletone
65bd45308475 	6984039 	awt source rebranding vendor changes needed (jdk7 only)
4c5aa2af3540 	6989505 	java.awt.Robot's getPixelColor treats not fully opaque Window as fully transparent.
8e4806e40a25 	6960516 	sun.awt.UngrabEvent has an ID over AWTEvent.RESERVED_ID_MAX
77b3011bc882 	6877895 	Some AWT's methods should specify throwing NPE for null arg value
286b14273037 	6899877 	JComponent.add/removeNotify() should mention that they are not supposed to be called directly
d385b33c0db0 	6613904 	javax.swing.GroupLayout.createParallelGroup(..) doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException for null arg
d449b91c56b6 	6771184 	Some methods in text package don't throw BadLocationException when expected
25c7ef39e22a 	6987844 	Incorrect width of JComboBox drop down
4983c4edc535 	6720170 	ByteArrayInputStream.skip(long) can overflow internally
bc7d400cd749 	6985875 	Change servicetags registration to refer to Oracle SSO and MSO 5.2 release
8e5c27614fec 	6988618 	JCK test setDaemon0101 hangs on specific machine
aed81a97aae3 	6696028 	JMXServiceURL like service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/iiop:// should be rejected by the RMI conn provider.
6984520 	NPE IN RMIConnector.connect
5de001f5f8b4 	6957378 	JMX memory leak
dd3afa184407 	6985763 	Pack200.Packer.pack(...) and Pack200.Unpacker.unpack(...) throw unspecified exceptions
856843c444a0 	6997740 	ktab entry related test compilation error
34faa22a8ce8 	6994717 	expired certificate in test ValidateCertPath
a12112af843c 	6792706 	Add JAR file to bootclasspath when using AggressiveOpts
e27ad63b0f54 	6952519 	kdc_timeout is not being honoured when using TCP
00d9ecc5dceb 	6998250 	Remove redundant src/solaris/classes/sun/net/www/protocol/http/NTLMAuthentication.java
c164d0d59465 	6979009 	(fc) FileChannel.read() fails to throw ClosedByInterruptException
4565d120e514 	6987827 	security/util/Resources.java needs improvement
aab6e875eb52 	6465367 	(coll) Typo in TreeMap documentation
af2de4de1076 	6982530 	javadoc update to SyncFactory & JdbcResource bundle for synchronization issues
1e7dc87fad95 	6960894 	Better AS-REQ creation and processing
c4a38022fdc1 	6999086 	Clarify that SyncFactory.setLogger can throw an NullPointerException
e1a1a2f5d7e1 	6991528 	Support making Throwable.suppressedExceptions immutable
f88048284eb6 	6999915 	TEST_BUG: test/java/nio/channels/AsynchronousSocketChannel/Leaky.java failed intermittently (win)
bf284d2db008 	6993789 	LinkedBlockingDeque iterator/descendingIterator loops and owns lock forever
0682c9357897 	6994145 	(zipfs) README should be updated
6994161 	(zipfs) newFileSystem method should FileSystemAlreadyExistsException
6994152 	(zipfs) copyTo ignores COPY_ATTRIBUTES option
23ccf9a8451f 	6544278 	SecurityException not thrown for Indexed Jar file whose signature is corrupted
37d74e29687c 	7003227 	(pack200) intermittent failures compiling pack200

Changeset 	Bug ID 	Synopsys
f2048d9c666e 	6993963 	Project Coin: Use precise exception analysis for effectively final catch parameters
e9e41c88b03e 	6714835 	Safe cast is rejected (with warning) by javac
9427a3c795fc 	6998063 	new Scope impl to fix Scope performance issues
a0d9d642f65b 	6997958 	test tools/javac/api/T6412669.java fails in PIT
bce19889597e 	6996914 	Diamond inference: problem when accessing protected constructor
58ceeff50af8 	6598108 	com.sun.source.util.Trees.isAccessible incorrect
fdc67f5170e9 	6999067 	cast for invokeExact call gets redundant cast to warnings
6a99b741a1b0 	6970016 	Clean up ARM/try-with-resources implementation
4328728e0409 	6991528 	Support making Throwable.suppressedExceptions immutable
a7ea58fa3e9a 	6985719 	Alike methods in interfaces (Inheritance and Overriding)
1dd813a529cf 	6999635 	Multicatch: crash while compiling simple code with a multicatch parameter 

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