Review request for 6977034 Thread.getState() very slow

Doug Lea dl at
Sun Dec 5 23:25:27 UTC 2010

On 12/05/10 17:58, David Holmes wrote:
> Anyway, this was all premised on slow performance that Doug observed as part of
> ForkJoin mechanics. It would be good to hear back from him on how this updated
> approach performs. If the FJ code has changed such that this is no longer an
> issue then I would suggest that Mandy's changes are "good enough" and we let her
> move on.

Sorry for a non-answer:
I long ago reworked ForkJoin to not use this because it was much
too slow. (Sorry, I can't easily reconstruct version using it
to check changes.) If it were improved enough to run in only
a few cycles I might start using it routinely.
If it were in-between, I might use it in a different way as
a backup strategy.


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