Sunbug 6934356: Vector.writeObject() synchronization risks serialization deadlock

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Mon Dec 13 18:56:21 UTC 2010

On Dec 13 2010, at 09:59 , Neil Richards wrote:

> Hello.
> I have a fix and testcase for problem 6934356 in the Java bug database
> - "Vector.writeObject() synchronization risks serialization deadlock".
> I've included the 'hg diff -g' output below.

To incorporate any fix it's necessary to have an SCA (Source Contributor Agreement) in place. I am unsure of the status of things with IBM joining OpenJDK and whether there's a blanket SCA for all IBM contributions in place yet. Additionally confirmation would be needed that you are an IBM employee (mail from an IBM domain) and authorized to contribute to OpenJDK. 

Contact me directly if you need assistance sorting out the contributing rights.

> I'm new to OpenJDK - though not to Java SE implementation development
> - so hope that this is correct mailing list to ask for the code to be
> reviewed.

This is the place!

> Also, given that this is a reported bug in the Java bug database, I'm
> a little confused as to whether I need to additionally raise it in

This should be sufficient.

> And, indeed, whether it is better for me to include the 'hg diff -g'
> output inline, as I have done below, or as an attachment, or in some
> other fashion.

In this case the patch appears to have arrived intact. There is always some risk of mangling by the mail list software or intermediate mail agents and clients which is generally why patches are included as attachments.


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