code review request for 6880112, Coin: use diamond in core libraries

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Thu Dec 16 09:29:52 UTC 2010

> Looks good to me, and very easy to review.
> One question on this. There are a couple of places where the original statement was "too long" to fit on a single line so the RHS of the assignment was pushed into a second line. With diamond it means that the statement could fit on a single line.  Examples are in java.lang.Character at L649 and the changes to java.lang.Package. It's purely a style thing but I wonder if the automated converter can do this re-formating or whether we just leave it for future maintenance in the respective area?

I noticed a lot of these when I was test-running the refactoring to use foreach -- there are a lot of lines that for whaever reason, are spread out over multiple lines even though they could easily be combined.  Are there reasons to avoid fixing these when we're touching the code?

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