code review request for 6880112, Coin: use diamond in core libraries

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Thu Dec 16 16:41:26 UTC 2010

On 12/15/2010 4:24 PM, Stuart Marks wrote:
> Hi all,
> As Joe Darcy mentioned yesterday [1], I'm working on updating the JDK 
> libraries to use the new JDK 7 Coin features. The first feature is the 
> diamond operator [2]. This first round of changes includes java.lang, 
>, java.sql, java.util, their corresponding tests, and related 
> implementation files (exclusive of java.util.concurrent and related 
> files). This change touches a total of 71 files. This is rather a lot 
> of files, but the changes are all one-liners, and most files have only 
> a few changes.
> Lance, please review the change to 
> src/share/classes/java/sql/
> Joe, Alan, please review the rest of the changes.




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