Review for CR 6728865 : Improved heuristics for Collections.disjoint() [updated]

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Mon Dec 20 00:42:05 UTC 2010

Hi Mike,

Mike Duigou said the following on 12/20/10 10:29:
> I have updated the webrev for CR 6728865 with Rémi's feedback. The new webrev is at:
> The size() comparisons are now done only when both c1 and c2 are not sets and I have removed the isEmpty() micro-optimization.

So to summarise this change:

1. The original code checked for c1 being a set and not c2, but not 
vice-versa - this fixes that

2. This code adds an optimization when they are both not sets but at 
least one is empty

Did I miss anything?

Seems functionally sound to me, but I can't attest to any performance 

David Holmes

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