Review request for 6927486: Deadlock in legacy Hashtable writeObject()

Neil Richards neil.richards at
Wed Dec 22 11:19:36 UTC 2010

On 22 December 2010 09:38, David Holmes <David.Holmes at> wrote:
> Hi Neil,
> Any chance you can generate webrevs as mentioned in:

Hi David,
>From the documentation, I don't believe I can do so yet. (referred to from the page you mention) says:

"Any user with push access to the OpenJDK Mercurial server can publish
materials on this server."

As I don't think I have yet been granted push access to the OpenJDK
Mercurial server, I'm not in a position to publish webrevs for review.

I've tried to follow the documented process - as best as I can figure
out (!) - from and

Please let me know if there's anything else (within my power) I can do
to aid the review process.


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