Code Review 7000511: PrintStream, PrintWriter, Formatter leave files open when exception thrown

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Thu Dec 23 20:29:03 UTC 2010

Feedback is on webrev.02 :

* PrintStream

- .flush(), close(), most println() methods  synchronize on this for their entire implementation. They could just be made synchronized methods.

- The javadoc for append(CharSequence,int,int) for the csq==null condition seems misleading as start and end are considered.

* Formatter

- The zero params constructor could just call this((Apppendable) null). The advantage is that the StringBuilder is only constructed in one place.

- The Formatter(Locale) constructor could just call this(l, (Apppendable) null). Same reason.

On Dec 14 2010, at 07:07 , Chris Hegarty wrote:

> Failing,, java.util.Scanner, and java.util.Formatter multi-arg constructors that take a or String filename (as well as one or more additional args) opens a FileIn/OutputStream to the given File/filename. If one of the other given args causes the constructor to fail ( null or unsupported charset for example ) the FileIn/OutputStream is never closed, and the application does not have a reference to it. You rely on the finalizer to close the stream.
> This is most serious on Windows because you cannot remove a file if there is an open handle to it.
> I also cleaned up an existing regression test that fails in samevm mode (partly) because of this. And removed another excluded test from the list since its bug was fixed some time ago.
> Webrev:
> -Chris.

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