Review for CR 6728865 : Improved heuristics for Collections.disjoint() [updated]

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Thu Dec 23 21:24:03 UTC 2010

Am 23.12.2010 20:46, schrieb Mike Duigou:
> I have updated the webrev with the javadoc changes (identical to below) and Ulf's suggested code changes:

Thanks, I could convince you mostly.
But, IMO, the inner comments are too expatiated ("less than O(N/2)" is used 3 times).
Aren't the explanation comments from my last example clear enough and more fluently readable?
You use "ceiling(n/2)". Didn't you mean "ceiling O(N/2)" for consistence?

"//than mere Collection's,iterate on c2."
2 spaces are missing

"// One (or both) collections is/are empty. Nothing will match."
"// At least one collection is empty. Nothing will match."

- the term '@throws NullPointerException' is duplicated, don't know if that would work ?
- there is a habit, maybe a rule, to insert 2 spaces after '.'


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