Code review request for 6908131 Pure Java implementations of StrictMath.floor(double) &StrictMath.ceil(double)

Dmitry Nadezhin Dmitry.Nadezhin at Sun.COM
Sun Jan 24 14:04:22 UTC 2010


This is a really interesting link.

However, I have doubts with licensing.
The owner of this project is "omaamo".
He marked with LGPL v3 or later.

It seems to me that LGPL v3 is not compatible with OpenJDK's GPL v2.
OpenJDK can't include fragments of LGPL v3 code without
permission of "omaamo", can it ?


Jeff Hain wrote:
> Hi all.
> Dmitry, here is the link:
> The non-wrong treatments could be mainly:
> - round(double), floor(float), ceil(float), round(float),
> - maybe hypot(double,double) (Math.hypot delegates to StrictMath.hypot,
>   which is very slow on my computer due to its use of StrictMath.sqrt
>   I think (same slowness reason than for Math.asin and Math.acos I 
> think)),
> - maybe also remainder(double,double) (but it's not the IEEE algorithm).
> For Joe (or whoever wants to read it):
>    If benches get harder and harder as JVM's get smarter and smarter,
> maybe some tools could be developped to help developpers with that,
> instead of just having them warned about benches.
>    I know there is JConsole etc., but I think about something that could
> work for libraries, and rate them for different contexts of use.
>    After all, developping is developping implemented algorithms, and
> algorithms are rated according to their correctness (for which we have
> JUnit), and their performance (for which we have (?)).
>    Or maybe that's just not possible, or would be way too complicated...
> Jeff

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