Code review request for 6908131 Pure Java implementations of StrictMath.floor(double) &StrictMath.ceil(double)

Jeff Hain jeffhain at
Sun Jan 24 16:47:46 UTC 2010

> It seems to me that LGPL v3 is not compatible with OpenJDK's GPL v2..
> OpenJDK can't include fragments of LGPL v3 code without
> permission of "omaamo", can it ?


"oma" is one of my multiple names (but I'll stick to Jeff now
for my "developper incarnation", in case I would produce
anything else, to make things simple).

I didn't took care "omaamo" would appear as the owner of
the project, or I would have chosen something less ugly.

For licensing, I used LGPL because Source Forge requires you
to pick up a license, but I could not care less for something
in the world than for what is done with what I happen to produce.
(As Krishna said : "Always act with detachment to the fruits of
actions." (if you have enough money, you can live that way))

So, whoever can do whatever he wants with "Jafama", that's official!


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