Code Review Request for 6977738

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Fri Sep 17 01:05:42 UTC 2010

Hi Mandy,

This seems quite an involved solution compared to what is described in 
the CR. The lazy initialization of the bcp seems to be a main part of 
the problem (or rather the requisite synchronization thereof). Do we 
really need to lazily initialize the bcp?

Even if we do, can we not simply avoid the nested locking by only 
locking when needing to initialize the bcp (and cache it in a volatile) 
and move the getProperty outside of that synchronized section. No nested 
locking so no deadlocks.


Mandy Chung said the following on 09/17/10 09:30:
> Fix 6977738: Deadlock between java.lang.ClassLoader and 
> java.util.Properties
> Webrev at:
> ClassLoader.getResource locking the system properties object is
> deadlock prone. For example, the sun.misc.Launcher.getBootstrapClassPath()
> method is a synchronized method. A thread calling
> ClassLoader.getResource method attempts to synchronize on
> the system properties object while holding sun.misc.Launcher.class.
> It will deadlock if there is another thread is holding the monitor
> lock of the system properties object (e.g. calls the
> method) while it attempts to load a resource file.  In addition,
> ClassLoader.getResource may invoke the ZipFile initialization that
> also needs to get the system property.
> This fix caches the system properties at initialization so that
> the ZipFile and Launcher will read the system property from the
> private Properties object.  In addition, I make some minor
> changes in and storeToXML method to confine the
> synchronization needed and also have the DownloadManager to
> maintain its bootclasspath.
> Thanks
> Mandy

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