A small ClassLoader change proposal

tom.hawtin at oracle.com tom.hawtin at oracle.com
Fri Sep 17 01:55:14 UTC 2010

On 16/09/2010 13:56, Jevgeni Kabanov wrote:

> I'd like to contribute two new classes to the JDK7 and add a new
> package-visible field to the ClassLoader. These classes would be meant
> for the framework and server developers to allow for greater control
> over the references between classes in different class loaders.
> Specifically the goal would be to prevent the notoriously common
> classloader leaks. The motivation is partially described here:
> http://dow.ngra.de/2009/06/15/classloaderlocal-how-to-avoid-classloader-leaks-on-application-redeploy/
> That blog post also describes a way to backport it to older Java
> versions, unfortunately we found that the described approach will not
> work in some esoteric cases.

For reference, there are two existing CRs relating to this.

Bug ID: 6389107 (ref) Request Reference.link(Object,Object) for "biweak" 

       (1 vote)

Bug ID: 6493635 (cl) ClassLoader-local variables similar to ThreadLocal

      (2 votes)


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