Review Request for 6751338: ZIP inflater/deflater performance

Xueming Shen xueming.shen at
Fri Apr 1 23:04:35 UTC 2011

Dave, Alan,

Here is the final webrev based on Dave's patch and the jdk1.5 code that 
does not
have the change for 6206933. JPRT job result suggests no new testing 
failure and
my "non-scientific" benchmark test (to use GZIPOu/InputStream to compress/
decompress the rt.jar) does show relative performance gain. Will try to 
run more
tests the weekend, but here is the webrev.

Background Info:

This fix is basically to back out the fix for #6206933 we made back to 
jdk5, which
is to use malloc+GetByteArrayuRegion to replace the original 
ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical() pair when access the java byte array at 
native code
Inflater/Deflater.c, to mainly workaround the GC/Critical... issue 
discussed in

The change for #6206933 itself has triggered lots of performance issues
since its integration, some fixed, some still outstanding. The GC rfe#6186200 has
been fixed long time ago, after couple weeks of discussion/debating, we all agreed
that it's the time to back out#6206933.


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