Please review: 7029048: LD_LIBRARY_PATH launcher changes

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Tue Apr 5 23:39:29 UTC 2011


This looks okay to me and the change in java_md.c is mostly bringing 
back what you purged.

I briefly compared this fix with that changeset and a lot of testing to 
verify this fix.  Minor comment:
    java_md.c a typo in L128 "propogate" - should be "propagate"
    test/tools/launcher/ should it be marked with 
"othervm" test in @run clause?


On 04/04/11 16:36, Kumar Srinivasan wrote:
> Hello core-libs friends,
> Background:
> Earlier in the jdk7 development  setting of LD_LIBRARY_PATH was purged
> in the launcher, this is a good thing!, Joe has an excellent blog 
> which explains
> the rational etc. etc. here:
> More background:
> Unfortunately!, the library versioning  that Kelly proposed earlier on 
> build-dev,
> <attached here for reference >  is infeasible  for jdk7, though this 
> is the correct
> approach.
> Thus the  approach contained here, allows us to provide a transitional 
> path to the
> version scheme in the future. This is also the reason, the c-code is 
> encapsulated
> within a conditional and the test has been separated, such that these 
> can be jettisoned
> when required.
> This explains the current proposed fix:
> The old changeset for reference:
> The old changeset:   
> and finally here is the proposed webrev:
> Thanks
> Kumar

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