advice & review requested for 6896297, race condition in rmid causing JCK failure

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Apr 11 14:46:43 UTC 2011

Stuart Marks wrote:
> Hi Core-Libs developers,
> I'd like to solicit some advice and discussion about this bug and a 
> potential fix I'm cooking for it. Here is the bug report; it contains 
> details about the problem and my analysis of it:
> and here's a webrev of the fix I'm working on:
I haven't worked on RMI and so I don't have a good insight into the 
implementation. I think (and Peter Jones can correct me) that changing 
the serialized form would  just inhibit recovery of rmid from an 
existing log file. As David said, you could switch to CHM and implement 
readObject/writeObject to serialize/deserialize in the current form. 
That said, I looked your webrev and the changes look reasonable to me. I 
don't see anything obviously wrong with moving the unregisterGroup out 
of the synchronized block.


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