Need reviewers: Update of jaxp 1.4.5 source drop bundle

Joe Wang at
Sun Apr 10 03:59:02 UTC 2011

Sorry for the late answer to this question. I was on a long vacation.  
Please see inline below.

On 4/7/2011 7:04 AM, Dalibor Topic wrote:
> On 4/7/11 3:49 PM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> On 07/04/2011, Dalibor Topic <dalibor.topic at> wrote:
>>> On 3/3/11 3:01 AM, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>>>> How do we know what the actual changes are between these tarballs?  Is
>>>> there some JAXP repository somewhere these are derived from, with
>>>> appropriate tagging?
>>> Afaik, the JAXP API and implementation are supplied by the upstream JAXP
>>> developers
>>> in the GlassFish JAXP project, i.e. . The source code
>>> repository
>>> is at
>> shows no
>> tags in the last six months.  What does this tarball correspond to?
The last tag I added was JAXP-1_4_4. Those that starts with a "t" were 
probably added when the migration team converted the repo from cvs. I'll 
check with them to see if they can help remove them. They are crazy too 

The bundle contains sources up to revision 3025.
I did not create tag for dev releases. We used to add a tag for each 
formal release in cvs. SVN does not have tag and I didn't see the need 
to make a copy of the trunk when we can use revision. I should have made 
a note of the revision, which I just did, see 7023289 jaxp 1.4.5 
developement jdk7 2nd integration.

Here's a list of the changes:
1. 2 regressions fixed

2. 13 of 19 JCK bugs evaluated; 9 fixed, 4 were determined as invalid 
and needed to be excluded from JCK.

3. Xerces and Xalan localization updated; 72 resource bundles updated, 
107 new bundles added provided by Oracle localization team

4. 1 SQE conformance related test updated

5. 1 comprehensive performance improvement from the performance team; 
performance improved by 23% in final result.

6. 4 other bugs fixed.

1. Regressions :
Issues  Priority  Status  Synopsis  Resolution Date  Note 
CR 7014246  2-High  10-Fix delivered  Code.toString can exit VM  
1/25/2011  JCK regression from jdk7 b125 
CR 7014220  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  UTF lexical presentation of some 
new digits accepted by XML document validator with JAXP 1.4.5  
1/27/2011  JCK regression from jdk7 b125 

2. Conformance (JCK bugs):
Issues  Priority  Status  Synopsis  Resolution Date  Note 
CR 6970890  3-Medium  11-closed  Single XML char "-" in a regex char 
class expression  2/7/2011  conformance 
CR 6953797  2-Incomplete  Conformance  SchemaFactory cannot parse schema 
if whitespace added within patterns in Selector XPath expression  
1/18/2011  Conflicting w3c tests. See 4988387
CR 6963124  3-Medium  11-closed  Reference to all model group allows 
maxOccurs > 1  11/19/2010  conformance 
CR 6963468  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  Error reported for a valid 
element substitution  2/3/2011  conformance 
CR 6989956  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  Wrong error message if maxOccurs 
in Choice less than maxOccurs in Elements contained in the Choice  
1/31/2011  conformance 
CR 6975493  3-Medium  2-Incomplete  Schema parser fails with NPE if 
ErrorHandler is set  2/16/2011  conformance 
CR 6977201  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  Validator incorrectly interprets 
an empty regex pattern  2/11/2011  conformance 
CR 6975265  3-Medium  11-closed  Schema parser allows some Element 
Information Items contain other element information item 

2/9/2011  conformance 
CR 6972140  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  Regex's with wrong char range 
pattern are accepted by validator and schema parser 

2/7/2011  conformance 
CR 6967214  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  Schema compiler allows schemata 
to have unpaired parenthesises in regex  1/24/2011  JCK 
CR 6938436  3-Medium  invalid  xjc fails if attribute-value in a schema 
contains leading, trailing space (#x20) characters  11/17/2010  
Evaluated; Now a JCK bug. 
CR 6942120  3-Medium  2-incomplete  SchemaFactory does not catch enum. 
value that is not in the value space of the base type, anyURI.  
12/03/2010  suggested exclusion from JCK 
CR 6964720  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  The inexpressible union of two 
attribute wildcards should be reported as an error 

3. Localization
CR 7001986  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  NLS: jaxp resource bundles 
cannot be processed by translation team

6904166 jdk-jaxp localization – Xerces 

Accessibility compliance
CR 7018661  3-Medium  2-incomplete  javax.xml code comments have issues 
with Accessibility compliance  2/14/2011  Need to be split among JAXP, 
JAX-WS, and XML-DSIG. Need testcase 

4. SQE Test
CR 6999203  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  jaxp-test for conformance bug 
6756677 still fails  2/8/2011  JDK SQE needs to update 

5. CR 6956363  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  reducing throwing of 
XMLConfigurationException can improve SPECjvm2008 xml.validation by 10% 

6. other P3 bugs
CR 6992561  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  Encoding of SystemId in Locator 
in JDK 6  1/12/2011  jaxws 
CR 7003147  3-Medium  11-Closed  DOMImplementation.getFeature() requires 
"+" prefix for XPath, contrary to spec 
CR 6841137  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered missing hashCode()
CR 7021889  3-Medium  10-Fix delivered  XNIException swallows the cause 
of error

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> dalibor topic

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