Review request for 7034570

Michael McMahon michael.x.mcmahon at
Wed Apr 13 14:26:29 UTC 2011

David Holmes wrote:
> Spec change seems fine to me.
> Is it possible to watch for the SystemRoot entry while iterating 
> through at line 322 ( instead of doing the 
> iterative search before-hand? Or even doing the sort first and then a 
> binary-search? Maybe the environment on windows is small enough that 
> this isn't an issue?
Originally, I thought that wouldn't work due to the case-insensitivity 
of the names. You could get
the name as "SYSTEMROOT" or "SysTeMRoOt" for example. But, thinking 
about it again,
I could  compareToIgnoreCase() with whatever variant is 
lexicographically last ( "systemroot" I think)
and considering the list is already sorted, if we encounter a name that 
is greater than "systemroot",
we know it's not there. It's still the same number of comparisons, but 
only one loop.
> Also what if the parent process doesn't have SystemRoot set in its 
> environment?  Does the child just get a 'null' entry?
Yes, it's probably better not to set it at all, in the event that 
SystemRoot is not set in the parent.


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