Review : 6546713: Link optional in Collection exception documentation to explanation

David Holmes David.Holmes at
Wed Apr 20 01:07:04 UTC 2011

Hi Mike,

Mike Duigou said the following on 04/20/11 08:00:
> Hello All;
> Another collections javadoc review request. This change links the "(optional)" notes in on various Collection methods to text which explains why they are not thrown by all collections. 

Generally looks good. I think you should revert this additional change 

!      * @throws NullPointerException if the specified array is {@code null}

"null" is used all over the place without being code font, including 
other @throws NullPointerException.

> I have not applied the change to java.util.concurrent package javadoc. I will leave the JSR 166 maintainers.

Yeah well ... on behalf of them can I twist your arm? If it isn't done 
now it needs another CR, etc etc. Appears to be 22 cases across 4 
classes. Maybe I can generate the patch for you ... :)


> Thanks,
> Mike

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