A method with return type size_t returns negative value

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Tue Apr 26 08:43:27 UTC 2011

Jing LV wrote:
> Hello,
>      Thanks for raising the defect. I see there is no patch now, so I 
> create one (as the defect mentioned jint may be good, I use jint here).
>      I have no Sun Online Account Id, would someone take a look?
The function prototypes would also require to be updated and there are a 
couple of other areas that would require clean-up too. If it's okay with 
you, I think we should postpone this to jdk8. This code has been using 
size_t for many years and I don't think is actually causing a real 
problem. I agree it should be cleaned up but we are out of time in jdk7. 
Another point is that jdk8 will be our opportunity to remove the 
dependencies on the JVM_* functions and so this code will be changing 
anyway (I realize we're not using these in the Windows code but the 
functions need to match as they are used from shared code).


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