Request for Review (Warning Cleanup

Sebastian Sickelmann sebastian.sickelmann at
Thu Dec 1 04:33:30 UTC 2011


i have a webrev[0] that contains some warning cleanup for
It is based on rev 7795c41ed54c

Some comments to the changes: Changed anonymous inner class to inner class with 
the intention to put serialversion inside of it. But serialver doesn't 
want to give my the serialver. I also think that ExpiringCache is not 
serializable but the warning was clear: the anonymous inner class is 
seriallizable and has no explicit serialversionuid. I have starred at the code between line 453 and 547 
for over an hour, because i thought that there is a bug within the 
expression "i >= matchlen" in line 530 and the both "i != -1" in lines 
457 and 461. But there is no bug. But i wanted to left this code 
slightly more readable. I introduced the method skipBeforePreviousComma 
to make it possible to work-around the fallthought warning with an 
return statement. This code-change need's some more review attention. 
Maybe we should split this up for another cleanup. I think the whole 
method needs some rewrite.

Some classes had no change at all. Maybe webrev created them because 
there where changes in my history/branches. There were some patches from 
alan i saw to late. Maybe webrev is confused of the multiple merges.

Can someone please create a CR for this and


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