Request for Review: Warnings cleanup in java.lang.*, java.util.**

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Mon Dec 5 00:17:23 UTC 2011

On 12/2/11 9:00 AM, Omair Majid wrote:
> On 12/02/2011 07:18 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> cc'ing core-libs-dev as that is the place to discuss these changes. I
>> see on the sign-up sheet [1] that omajid has signed up for java.lang,
>> maybe you are working together?
> Unfortunately, David and I were not working together :(
> Anyway, here is my webrev for java.lang.*
> Sorry about the delay, building and testing this took longer than I had
> expected it to. Also, this patch only addresses the warnings pointed out by javac.
> The classes java.lang.ThreadLocal and java.lang.ClassValue are not included in
> the webrev. The fixes for ThreadLocal were basically sprinkling
> @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") throughout and the fixes for ClassValue looked
> slightly more complex when I tried to reduce the use of rawtypes. I will post a
> separate webrev for those later.

I've been mulling over what to do with these two patches for the past couple 
days. Initially I was thinking of merging the patches and generating a new one 
combining the best of both. But after I looked over both of them, I felt that 
we should go with Omair's patch, for the following reasons. First, he had 
signed up to do this area already, and second, his patch stayed will within the 
guideline of "simple, minimal, and risk-free warnings fixes" that I had posted 
in kicking off the WCD [1].

The bugid for this change is 7117612. I'll kick off a separate review thread 
for this on core-libs-dev shortly.

Omair, regarding other changes you mentioned you might work on, please be 
advised that John Rose is doing some other work on ClassValue [2], and he has 
indicated that he's doing some warnings cleanup in there as well. You might 
take a look at his webrev. On ThreadLocal, it looks like there are a bunch of 
rawtypes warnings there too, so some judicious application of generic type 
parameters seems called for in those cases. Let us know what you intend to do 
in these areas.

See you on the other thread.




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