review of 7117249: java.util warnings patches from LJC/Mike Barker

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Dec 7 10:09:35 UTC 2011

On 07/12/2011 08:43, Michael Barker wrote:
> :
>>   7117249: fix warnings in java.util.jar, .logging, .prefs, .zip
>>   Reviewed-by: alanb, dholmes, forax, sherman, smarks
>>   Contributed-by: London Java Community and Michael Barker
>> <mikeb01 at>
>> Since the changeset comment is baked for all eternity, :-) I wanted to make
>> sure I got it right before proceeding. But basically this is the last thing
>> that needs to be resolved before I can push in the changes. Let me know.
> All looks good to me.
Michael - the Contributed-by line is usually the individual's name (+ 
mail address) or a list of names (and their mail addresses). I think 
Stuart is suggesting that this would be better than "London Java Community".


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