Need reviewer - testing changes

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Dec 12 11:02:24 UTC 2011

On 11/12/2011 21:48, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> Re-organized the testing targets, moved jdk_tools1 out of the default test targets.
> Running "cd test&&  make" should run the default test list, and should be 100% pass, in theory.
> (Note: Use of the jdk/test/Makefile utilizes jtreg with a default set of options running a default
> set of tests where some tests are excluded, e.g. those marked @ignore or listed in jdk/test/ProblemList.txt)
> The JPRT system runs the same tests, with jdk/test/Makefile, just on multiple platforms.
> Removed some -target 1.5 issues for the Mac, just getting a jump on jdk8 mac changes.
> 7119829: Adjust default jprt testing configuration
> 7117110: Remove target 1.5 from jaxp and jaxws repo builds for mac
> -kto
This changes looks okay to me. The only thing is that the list of 
default test targets is essentially duplicated in 3 places (top-level 
repo, jdk repo, and jdk/test/Makefile because of JDK_DEFAULT_TARGETS) 
and it would be nice to somehow avoid that.


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