Code Review - CR #7114195 -Short timeouts on regression tests

Gary Adams gary.adams at
Thu Dec 22 15:08:52 UTC 2011

A number of regression tests have designated short timeouts
and have been the cause of intermittent test failures on
slow machines or on builds with slower runtime execution
speeds, e.g. -Xcomp, etc.

The jtreg regression harness uses 2 minutes as the default
timeout value for forcing a test failure.

Some tests designated less than 120 seconds as a preferred
timeout value. This changeset removes timeouts set lower
than the default jtreg limit.

To accommodate slower configurations the harness is run
with a 4x timeoutFactor from the default test makefile.

   JTREG_TIMEOUT_OPTION =  -timeoutFactor:4

This ensures that slow machines are not terminated
prematurely on automated regression test runs.

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