7121110 : JAXP 1.4.5 update 1 for 7u4 & jaxp source in jdk7 repo

Gary Adams gary.adams at oracle.com
Wed Dec 28 18:00:51 UTC 2011

I see in the webrev the removal of drops.dir from the ant build.xml.
Should similar updates be applied to  README-builds.html for

Might be good to put a note in
indicating the files are now include directly
in the jdk8 repos.

On 12/28/11 12:18 PM, Joe Wang wrote:
> On 12/28/2011 2:56 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
>> On 23/12/2011 21:27, Joe Wang wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> We have prepared a jaxp update for 7u4. The listed changes have been posted 
>>> to the jdk7u-dev alias with "7u4 Request for approval for CR 7121110 - JAXP 
>>> 1.4.5 update 1 for 7u4".
>>> With this update, we are adding jaxp sources back into the jdk7 repository, 
>>> which means we are abandoning the jaxp bundle download process. This is a 
>>> significant change. We'd like to hear if you have any concerns.  If no 
>>> objection, we'd like to push the change within the next week.
>>> The webrev is here:  
>>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~joehw/jaxp145u1-changeset/webrev/
>> This is good news. So what about jdk8? I think the protocol with 7u is that 
>> changes go into 8 first. Also are you expecting to keep the code in 7u and 8 
>> in sync?
> Kelly asked for 6-open and jdk8 as well. Since we're changing the jaxp bundle 
> process, we thought we would do the same for 6-open and jdk8 once this works 
> out.  But we can take the change to jdk8 first if this is approved.  The only 
> question I had was that the jdk8 modularization would change the jaxp source 
> structure.  But Kelly thought that's not a problem. I guess we don't mind 
> another big changeset :)
> -Joe
>> -Alan.

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