review of 7117249: java.util warnings patches from LJC/Mike Barker

Michael Barker mikeb01 at
Sun Dec 4 08:56:33 UTC 2011


> scan of the webrev. There are still a couple of raw type warnings in JarFile
> and several more in other classes in these packages so it's possible you
> don't have everything (I wasn't following that thread closely on jdk8-dev).

Question on a rawtypes fix.  In one case there is method defined as:

public List<?> getManifestDigests() {
    if (jv != null) {
        return jv.getManifestDigests();
    return new ArrayList();

There is a rawtypes warning on the "new ArrayList()".  I can put a
specific type as the return value should match
"jv.getManifestDigests()", which is public so shouldn't be changed.  I
can define it as "new ArrayList<Object>()" or add
"@SuppressWarnings("rawtypes") // Need raw type to match public
signature definition".  Which would be the preferred approach?


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