review of 7117249: java.util warnings patches from LJC/Mike Barker

Michael Barker mikeb01 at
Wed Dec 7 08:43:10 UTC 2011

>> I looked at the updated patch and it looks fine to me. There are other
>> classes
>> in j.u.jar and j.u.logging that also have warnings but fixing the warnings

I only submitted the ones that we managed to work on during the hack
day.  If the team is happy to continue accepting fresh patches for
warnings, I'll encourage those that were involved to get an OCA signed
and start fixing up the remaining warnings.  We'll look to do another
hack day again soon.

>  7117249: fix warnings in java.util.jar, .logging, .prefs, .zip
>  Reviewed-by: alanb, dholmes, forax, sherman, smarks
>  Contributed-by: London Java Community and Michael Barker
> <mikeb01 at>
> Since the changeset comment is baked for all eternity, :-) I wanted to make
> sure I got it right before proceeding. But basically this is the last thing
> that needs to be resolved before I can push in the changes. Let me know.

All looks good to me.


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