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2011/2/14 Dmytro Sheyko <dmytro_sheyko at>:
> Hi,
> I can see that such system property as "sun.cpu.isalist" is not set on
> Linux, but it is set on Solaris and Windows.
> What is the purpose of this property and shouldn't it be set on Linux as
> well?
> Thanks,
> Dmytro

On Solaris, it includes the results of a call to sysinfo(SA_ISALIST,
list, sizeof(list)):


	   Copy  into  the  array  pointed  to by buf the names of the variant
	   instruction set architectures executable on the current system.

	   The names are space-separated and are ordered in the sense of  best
	   performance.  That is, earlier-named instruction sets might contain
	   more instructions than later-named instruction sets; a program that
	   is  compiled  for an earlier-named instruction set will most likely
	   run faster on this machine than the same  program  compiled	for  a
	   later-named instruction set.

	   Programs  compiled  for  an instruction set that does not appear in
	   the list will most likely experience performance degradation or not
	   run at all on this machine.

	   The	instruction  set names known to the system are listed in isal-
	   ist(5); these names might not match predefined  names  or  compiler
	   options in the C language compilation system.

	   This  command is obsolete and might be removed in a future release.
	   See getisax(2) and the Linker and Libraries Guide for a better  way
	   to handle instruction set extensions.

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