Zlib level in JDK7

Florian Weimer fweimer at bfk.de
Tue Feb 15 15:40:05 UTC 2011

* Andrew John Hughes:

> So yes, that means we use the system zlib (currently 1.2.5 here), jpeg
> (8c) and png (1.4.5).  1.10 will also finally remove the static
> linking of libstdc++ and libgcc.  This was done back in the early days
> of IcedTea as part of preparing OpenJDK for distro packaging, allowing
> these libraries to receive timely security updates and bug fixes.

It also increases compatibility with systems which use a different
zlib version.  The symbols of the version in OpenJDK haven't been
mangled, and the VM crashes if the wrong routines are called due to a
symbol clash.

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